AI Services


Generative AI is quickly transforming work and reinventing business. Whether you’re considering using AI technology in your operations or developing AI products or services, navigating this landscape presents significant opportunities along with new legal, ethical, and business risks.

Michael Best® is a partner on your AI journey to help you accelerate innovation, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge. We take a holistic approach to helping clients develop an AI plan that aligns with business goals and your risk profile. Beyond essential legal compliance, we provide tailored solutions that address organizational challenges and objectives. 

Led by our Chief Process & AI Officer, Sarah Alt, our team combines legal and technological expertise with practical, business-oriented solutions. Michael Best can help companies with everything from establishing policies and training through responsibly designing, developing, and deploying AI tools. We balance innovation with a thorough understanding of the ethical and legal implications and necessary risk mitigation strategies. 

Service Areas

Michael Best’s AI solutions are tailored for each client and can include services such as:

  • Ethical AI Education & Training
  • Guidance on Responsible Use of AI
  • Policies & Standard Operating Procedures
  • Legislation Watches & Policy Insights
  • Frameworks for AI Self-Assessments
  • Technology Partner Ecosystem Products/Services Assessments
  • Design Workshops & Design for Responsible/ Ethical Use
  • Marketing & PR Strategies
  • Fractional AI Ethics Officer 

AI Legislation Tracker

To help you stay informed about important legislation impacting the use of AI, Michael Best created a state-by-state map and Federal tracker highlighting the bills that are effective or pending in the jurisdictions that matter most to you and your industry. 

Consumer Privacy Laws Tracker

With the rise of AI, privacy and data protection concerns are top of mind. Michael Best actively is monitoring consumer privacy legislation across the U.S. to keep you informed about regulations in your key areas.

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