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IP Value Revealed

Intellectual property assets are critical to a company’s value and market position. Yet conventional IP lawyers and many companies often fail to look at IP assets in a competitive or strategic framework.

That’s where we come in. Best LuminEdge transforms how our clients value IP portfolios—and how buyers, sellers, and investors value IP assets in transactions. It also gives our clients essential information about the competitive landscape.


Our Innovative Solution

Best LuminEdge is unique. We help illuminate an IP portfolio to find your competitive edge.

Michael Best’s proprietary system combines a patented data analytics tool with the depth of our top-ranked professional team. With more than 160 lawyers, engineers, and scientists, our IP group covers all the bases in IP law and technology. We have the depth and technical skill to evaluate each owned and competing IP asset in a broader context – including patents, trademarks, and licenses. With these tools, we help clients see the big picture and competitive landscape.


Data + Skill = Actionable Insight


Action-oriented Advice

We deliver a comprehensive report with a simple, actionable summary of our conclusions and recommendations for decisionmakers. This competitive intelligence gives our clients information unavailable to competitors. Our clients can turn that into a strategic or pricing advantage. Whether you’re evaluating a potential investment target, doing strategic planning, or looking to better manage your IP portfolio, Best LuminEdge can help.

Our report includes:

  • A detailed assessment of the company’s patent, trademark, and technology licensing portfolio.
  • A business-centric IP report, with a high-level summary, scorecard, and interactive map to give you an easily digestible picture of the IP assets.
  • Analysis and ranking of opportunities to capture value in the IP assets, with recommended steps to improve ROI.

We Find What Others Don't

Michael Best identifies crucial factors that impact enterprise and asset value—information other analysts are not looking for and are unlikely to find. Using Best LuminEdge, we’ve helped clients uncover previously hidden risks and opportunities such as:

  • Potential litigation brewing between an investment target and a competitor, based on the convergence of patent filings in a common area.
  • Competitors with opposing patent strategies, suggesting the value of a merged company with a stronger overall patent strategy, the need for our client to remain independent but with a changed patent strategy or the need to invest where other competitors are not active.
  • $500 million revenue target with no active inventors, suggesting the need to build the inventor team before closing.
  • Discovery of unexpected future loss of licensing revenue based on expiration of foreign patents during license term.
  • Revealing acquisition targets previously unknown to client.
  • “Rembrandt in the attic” patent, which brought our client a windfall of millions in licensing revenue.

The Michael Best Difference

Deep Technical Knowledge

Michael Best’s internationally recognized Intellectual Property practice includes more than 160 practitioners. Not only are our lawyers, agents, engineers, and scientists deeply steeped in IP law—patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and licensing—we also understand the technology involved in a company's and its competitors’ IP assets.

Many of our professionals have advanced degrees in disciplines such as engineering, software, physics, biotechnology, and other areas, as well as direct experience working with the technologies we’re helping clients develop, leverage, and protect.

Strong Business Experience

Every transaction is different, and we treat it that way. As a full-service law firm, Michael Best adapts our approach for each deal and each client’s business goals. Our interdisciplinary team assists clients and their advisors on mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, joint ventures, and other corporate transactions, as well as finance and lending.

We work with diverse clients, from privately and publicly held companies to the banks and private equity investors that finance them. And in the emerging business and tech space, where IP is often a company’s main asset, our Venture Best group serves investors and start-ups.

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Primary Contacts

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