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Our Government Relations & Public Policy lawyers work closely with Michael Best Strategies LLC (Strategies), our dedicated business consulting, government relations, and public affairs affiliate.

Michael Best Strategies helps companies accelerate their success through a combination of strategic business consulting, lobbying and government relations, and public affairs and communications. We help clients advance their business objectives by connecting them with influential allies, including:

  • Government officials
  • Industry leaders and innovators
  • Consumer segments
  • Communities and stakeholders
  • Media

Strategies has thrived by providing each client with a diverse team of professionals who have the experience, skills, and relationships necessary to help them achieve their goals more quickly and fully.

Together, Michael Best and Strategies offer an experienced team equipped to provide the guidance and services—from strategic planning and analysis to lobbying, government and public relations, and political and public policy consultation—that generate the favorable outcomes instrumental to your short- and long-term success. Our strong political ties within both the state and federal political communities, as well as our firsthand experience in these arenas, provide the indispensable insights and big-picture perspective needed to shape public policy and decisions on behalf of our clients.

Strategies’ diverse team has one very important thing in common: we all deliver an exceptional standard of client care that sets a new crossbar in our industry. We are responsive, creative, collaborative, and tenacious. And we all love what we do.

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The law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP and the consulting firm of Michael Best Strategies LLC are affiliated entities that provide distinct services.

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