Government Procurement


Companies enter the growing federal and state markets to harness new business opportunities and diversify their customer base. For example, in FY 2021 (1 October 2020 - 30 September 2021), the federal government spent approximately $637 billion on contracts on a robust portfolio of products and services. However, federal and state procurement is complex. Michael Best’s government relations, consulting, and legal advisors provide a full-service and coordinated team to help position our clients for success.

What We Do

Government Relations

Michael Best Strategies leads all government relations services related to branding, education, and advocacy with Congress and policy leaders in federal agencies. We help our clients build relationships with congressional and agency leaders, advocate for funding of federal programs central to our clients’ interests, and equip clients with the tools needed for success.


  • Developing a strategic plan to engage with the policy leaders 
  • Advocating for program authorization and funding
  • Building relationships with congressional and agency leaders
  • Branding and education before government leaders
  • Intelligence gathering and monitoring procurement opportunities

Consulting Services

By leading a cross-functional team that includes procurement consultants, we provide integrated services designed to help you succeed through business development. For contractors as well as subcontractors, we advise on efforts to obtain a variety of agreements with government entities.

Our subject-matter experts and partners work with our clients through the business development and sales processes for the federal government. They are respected and trusted former procurement executives who know federal agencies’ procurement priorities, how purchasing decisions are made, how to navigate rules on ethics and procurement integrity, and how to strategically position our clients throughout the complex federal sales process.


  • Conducting market research and intelligence
  • Developing a go-to-market plan
  • Developing business opportunities and providing sales support
  • Developing marketing materials
  • Building relationships with procurement stakeholders
  • Developing bid proposals
  • Advising on administrative requirements and business certifications

Legal Services

Our legal team represents clients throughout the process leading from acquisition planning to contract closeout. When the need arises, we also represent clients in litigation and dispute resolution.


  • Acquisition planning
  • FAR/DFARS/Agency rules and regulations
  • Fiscal Law considerations
  • Contract types
  • Bid, proposal, & quote submissions
  • Debriefings
  • Bid protests/Size protests
  • Contract formation & structure
  • Contract modifications
  • Requests for Equitable Adjustment/Claims
  • Contract close-out/Terminations
  • Small Business considerations/Joint Ventures
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Employment-related requirements
  • Rulemaking input
  • Trade issues
  • Government investigations
  • Fraud enforcement mechanisms
  • Suspension & Debarment


The law firm of Michael Best & Friedrich LLP and the consulting firm of Michael Best Strategies LLC are affiliated entities that provide distinct services.


Primary Contacts


Primary Contacts

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