Aerospace & Defense


Michael Best’s Aerospace & Defense team helps clients build a competitive edge, navigate intricate legal and regulatory issues, and connect with key decision-makers. We work with leading companies and innovators in the aerospace, aviation, defense, and related fields.

Our team offers a powerful set of resources for aerospace and defense clients. With Michael Best, you’ll have access to tech-savvy IP and cybersecurity lawyers, specialists in AI and autonomous technologies, government procurement experts, and more.

We advise on legal, business, technology, and risk management and compliance strategies—all in a unified service package tailored to your goals.

Service Areas

Protection, Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Special Services 

In addition to the services listed above, we’ve developed innovative, interdisciplinary solutions such as the following:

AI Services – Michael Best is a partner on your AI journey to help you accelerate innovation, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge. We can help companies with everything from establishing policies and training programs through responsibly designing, developing, and deploying AI tools.

Best Autonomous Insights – We take a holistic approach to autonomous systems development and integration, addressing technical, regulatory, and social challenges. Our team has proven experience transitioning autonomous technologies from prototypes to fielded capabilities in air, ground, and maritime domains. We also have extensive knowledge of infrastructure requirements. 

Best LuminEdge – Our proprietary system goes beyond basic IP due diligence, combining patented data analytics tools with the depth of our top-ranked professional team. We analyze a company’s intellectual property assets and provide action-oriented advice on risks, opportunities to improve IP value, and the competitive landscape.

Government Procurement – Our affiliate Michael Best Strategies helps businesses identify, pursue, and win government contracts. Strategies works with clients through every step of the procurement process and beyond, leading a unified team of government relations, consulting, and legal advisors to position you for success.

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