Employment Policies, Practices & Audits


Michael Best helps employers develop and maintain policies and practices that are not only legally compliant, but also designed to effectively manage the employment relationship, attract and retain the best employees, and advance our client’s strategic objectives.

As employment law continues to evolve in sometimes surprising directions, experienced counsel and a proactive approach are key to structuring workable policies for your organization and keeping them up to date. Our attorneys have extensive experience in all areas of employment law, and we draw on the knowledge of our colleagues in other practice areas as needed to provide clients with comprehensive, forward-looking advice.

Our services include the following:

  • Creating and updating employee handbooks and a wide variety of employment policies tailored to each client’s needs and culture, addressing equal employment opportunity, harassment prevention and anti-discrimination, disability accommodation, hours of work, compensation, paid time off, family and medical leave, other leaves (paid and unpaid), safety, drugs and alcohol, progressive discipline, privacy, code of conduct, and many other topics
  • Drafting and revising procedures and documentation for the hiring and employee management process, including applications, background check documents, offer letters, performance evaluations, leave management, discipline process, and termination
  • Federal, state, and local government contractor- and subcontractor-specific policies, procedures, documents, and guidance, including affirmative action plans
  • Conducting audits of client employment policies and day-to-day practices, to ensure that they are consistent with current best practices and with federal, state, and local law
  • Compliance training for employees, managers, and executive leadership
  • Training and written guidance on new legal developments
  • Day-to-day counseling of employers on legal compliance in all areas

Michael Best’s services are multi-jurisdictional and, where applicable, consider federal, state, and local law. We represent public and private sector employers in many industries, including a number of government contractors.

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