Environmental, Social & Governance


Integrated Strategies for Sustainable Success

Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) issues are critical considerations for businesses today. Consumers, investors, supply chain partners, contractors, and other stakeholders are demanding that companies deliver on ESG promises—or suffer the negative fallout.

To meet these expectations, you need a trusted advisor like Michael Best. Our ESG team works with clients to identify the legal issues and opportunities that come with starting, growing, or maintaining ESG programs. Our interdisciplinary team of lawyers helps clients strive for a sustainable future, promote social responsibility, and meet the requirements of investors and regulatory bodies.

ESG considerations also include disclosures and transparency, evaluation of risks, and metrics evaluation, in both the public and private markets. Michael Best is well versed in these issues, which have become a focus of investors, the SEC, and other regulatory bodies. Many investors demand ESG-oriented investments and use ESG metrics to make investment decisions and allocate capital. 

Whether you need guidance on metrics tracking and reporting; the investment process, policies, and procedures; supply chain verification; certifications; internal policies and training; or ensuring claims are verifiable, we can guide you through the many nuances of ESG.

How We Can Help

The Michael Best ESG team provides an integrated, strategic approach customized for each client’s situation, in areas such as the following:

Corporate Governance

Counseling on the development and compliance of corporate sustainability programs, the process of B-Corporation Certification, and certain policies and procedures. 

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Assisting with public company SEC compliance and disclosures of ESG matters; project development and financing, including alternative energy project development and associated tax implications; ESG investment process, policies, and procedures; and private managers/advisors disclosures to meet investor requirements. 

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Climate Change & Environmental Regulation

Guiding clients through regulatory compliance and defense; carbon markets, emission credits, and emissions-related agreements; advertising claims and “green washing”; green building construction and related retrofits; and various environmental and energy sustainability frameworks. 

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Employee Benefits & Workplace Culture

Advising on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) and social impact programs; employee benefits and compensation; policies, procedures, and training; Affirmative Action Plans; and workplace culture. 

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Partnering with outside resources to complement and enhance our legal services. Michael Best works closely with a global business advisory firm to support building ESG programs and stakeholder engagement for our clients. We also have relationships with organizations that can assist with third-party certifications for green and water initiatives.


ESG Insights Podcast

We are excited to announce the launch of our new limited podcast series, “ESG Insights.” We will be exploring the intersection of environmental, social and governance issues and the legal landscape, and we will discuss everything from ESG basics to how employers are implementing ESG into their benefits programs. We will also be talking to experts on the importance of ESG and how businesses are creating roadmaps to get started.  Whether you are a sustainability expert or just starting out on your ESG journey, this podcast will provide valuable insights on a nuanced topic.

Join us as we dive into the world of ESG.

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