Mergers & Acquisitions


The Michael Best M&A team has substantial experience advising on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, asset purchases, joint ventures, and reorganizations of companies in virtually all industries.

We focus on middle-market M&A, with targets in the $25 million to $500 million annual revenue range. This is a market segment distinct from larger and smaller transactions, presenting unique issues and market terms.

We structure, negotiate, and close transactions for a diverse array of clients, ranging from individuals to financial institutions and publicly held companies. We have experience representing buyers and sellers, as well as management teams and minority owners. In addition to traditional merger, asset, and stock purchase transactions, we advise on completing recapitalizations, management and non-management leveraged buyouts, spin-offs, reorganizations, and other complex restructurings.

Our team works closely with each client’s in-house transactions team to develop a thorough understanding of business objectives, communication styles, and corporate culture. This focus enables us to improve efficiency in due diligence, negotiations, and closing, especially when advising on multiple acquisitions for the same client.

We also work closely with our colleagues in other Michael Best practice groups, such as Labor & Employment Relations, Real Estate, and Intellectual Property, to cover all aspects of the transaction. 

Intellectual Property Analysis for M&A Deals

For IP portfolio due diligence that can be used by clients and their advisors in company valuation, we offer our innovative Best LuminEdge solution. Our approach holds particular benefits for M&A deals, especially those involving a business that's implementing new technologies or has unrealized value in its IP portfolio. It includes:

  • Detailed assessment of the company’s patent, trademark, and IP licensing portfolio.
  • A business-centric IP report, including a high-level summary, scorecard, and interactive map to give you a complete picture of the IP assets, using easy-to-read data visualization.
  • Analysis and ranking of opportunities to capture value in the IP assets, with recommended next steps to improve ROI post-acquisition or merger.
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