IP Strategic Analysis


Understanding Intellectual Property Assets

Intellectual property assets are a critical factor in business today. That’s why Michael Best created our IP Strategic Analysis process.

IP assets directly affect a company’s value. Yet it can be hard to gauge the strength and scope of an IP portfolio, whether for transactional due diligence or other needs. Michael Best helps clients understand—and build up—the strength of a company’s intellectual property assets.

Michael Best’s IP Strategic Analysis goes beyond the basics of conventional IP due diligence to give our clients and their advisors an essential tool in understanding a company’s value, IP assets, and competitors. We provide critical intelligence to help inform business decisions before and after close of a transaction.

We offer clients a key advantage: Michael Best brings together legal, industry, and technical knowledge in a unified approach.

Our Innovative Solution

We give you an in-depth study of an entire IP portfolio—including patents, trademarks, and licenses—with guidance on how to achieve efficiencies and understand the true value.

actionable insight

Data + Smarts = Actionable Insight

Michael Best’s IP Strategic Analysis system uses data analytics as its foundation, augmented by our Intellectual Property team’s ability to interpret the data and distill it into clear, actionable advice for our clients. We’ll tell you how a company’s IP assets relate to its business, to the competitor landscape, and to the potential value of the company itself.

clear reporting

Clear Reporting

We translate the complexities and nuances of IP into an easily digestible report to help you and your advisors complete valuation processes quickly and efficiently. This also gives our clients the advantage of competitive analysis that can be updated on a regular, repeatable basis.  

Informed decision making

Informed Decision Making

More than just an IP assessment platform, our IP Strategic Analysis report gives decision-makers a roadmap with strategic steps to improve company IP portfolios. These strategies are designed to expose strengths and weaknesses of the portfolio, correct or address them in the face of changing market forces, and enhance the overall strength of the IP assets.



M&A Deals

Our IP Strategic Analysis solution holds particular benefits for M&A deals, especially those involving a business that’s implementing new technologies or has unrealized value in its IP portfolio. Our approach includes:

  • Detailed assessment of the company’s patent, trademark, and IP licensing portfolio.
  • A business-centric IP report, including a high-level summary, scorecard, and interactive map to give you a complete picture of the IP assets, using easy-to-read data visualization.
  • Analysis and ranking of opportunities to capture value in the IP assets, with recommended next steps to improve ROI post-acquisition or merger.

The Michael Best Difference

Deep Technical Knowledge

Michael Best’s internationally recognized Intellectual Property practice includes more than 150 practitioners. Not only are our lawyers, agents, engineers, and scientists deeply steeped in IP law—patent, trademark, copyright, trade secret, and licensing—we also understand the technology involved in a company's and its competitors’ IP assets.

Many of our professionals have advanced degrees in disciplines such as engineering, software, physics, biotechnology, and other areas, as well as direct experience working with the technologies we’re helping clients develop, leverage, and protect.

Strong Business Experience

Every transaction is different, and we treat it that way. As a full-service law firm, Michael Best adapts our approach for each deal and each client’s business goals. Our interdisciplinary team assists clients and their advisors on mergers and acquisitions, restructurings, joint ventures, and other corporate transactions, as well as finance and lending.

We work with diverse clients, from privately and publicly held companies to the banks and private equity investors that finance them. And in the emerging business and tech space, where IP is often a company’s main asset, our Venture Best group serves investors and start-ups.

Primary Contacts

Primary Contacts

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