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Generative AI is quickly transforming work and reinventing business. Whether you’re considering using AI technology in your operations or developing AI products or services, navigating this landscape presents significant opportunities along with new legal, ethical, and business risks.

Michael Best® is a partner on your AI journey to help you accelerate innovation, optimize operations, and gain a competitive edge. We take a holistic approach to helping clients develop an AI plan that aligns with business goals and your risk profile. Beyond essential legal compliance, we provide tailored solutions that address organizational challenges and objectives. 

We combine legal and technological expertise with practical, business-oriented solutions. Michael Best can help companies with everything from establishing policies and training through responsibly designing, developing, and deploying AI tools. We balance innovation with a thorough understanding of the ethical and legal implications and necessary risk mitigation strategies. 

Service Areas

Privacy & Cybersecurity

The development of AI marks a watershed moment in human endeavor, altering nearly every aspect of business and daily life. While the benefits of this emerging technology are substantial, privacy, data protection, and cybersecurity risks cannot be overstated.

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Intellectual Property

AI presents both opportunities and challenges for organizations, particularly regarding intellectual property (IP) assets, which are often integral to a company’s market value. Michael Best’s 150+ IP lawyers and professionals navigate the complex intersection of AI and IP law to help clients protect their innovations, enhance their competitive advantage, and achieve their business goals.

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Labor & Employment Relations

From revolutionizing the hiring process to improving performance management, the integration of AI within the labor and employment landscape is dramatically transforming human resources and personnel management. These cutting-edge tools are helping organizations optimize operations and decision-making processes, improving the overall employee experience. However, the adoption of AI brings forth new legal considerations and challenges for employers to navigate. Michael Best’s nationally recognized Labor & Employment Relations group helps organizations of all sizes navigate the nuances of AI integration.

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AI is revolutionizing business across all sectors, ushering in an era of unprecedented innovation and efficiency. Companies have the opportunity to harness the potential of AI for enhancing capabilities and cost savings—with boundless possibilities ahead.

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Venture Best

AI is taking the world of startup and venture capital to a new dimension, and our Venture Best team is well positioned to assist clients in navigating the technology tools, opportunities, and legal challenges this presents to early and late-stage startups, VC/PE funds, and their portfolio companies.

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AI is transforming the way that businesses approach their regulatory compliance programs and strategies, especially for environmental and natural resource matters. Michael Best’s Regulatory group leads the way in helping organizations use AI to identify and track their regulatory obligations across different business units, geographic areas, and jurisdictions. AI is proving to be a critical tool for keeping up to date and reducing compliance costs in the fast changing area of US regulation.

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As AI becomes an integral tool in operations innovation, businesses will reap the benefits of increased time and cost savings. However, this sea change in technology comes with substantial risk, and companies may find themselves navigating uncharted territories— with possible litigation on the horizon.

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Wealth Planning

AI emerges as a pivotal force, promising to reshape conventional practices within the wealth planning realm. With its capacity to analyze extensive data sets, streamline complex data entry, and simplify error-prone tasks, AI introduces new possibilities for wealth forecasting, tax optimization, and tailored financial guidance. This is fundamentally altering how individuals and families navigate wealth decisions and craft estate plans.

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AI Legislation Tracker

To help you stay informed about important legislation impacting the use of AI, Michael Best created a state-by-state map and Federal tracker highlighting the bills that are effective or pending in the jurisdictions that matter most to you and your industry. 

Consumer Privacy Laws Tracker

With the rise of AI, privacy and data protection concerns are top of mind. Michael Best actively is monitoring consumer privacy legislation across the U.S. to keep you informed about regulations in your key areas.

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