In the evergreen landscape of the cannabis industry, and with laws remaining uncertain and undefined in some states, businesses require indispensable support to navigate the nuances of evolving regulations and market dynamics.

How We Do It

Drawing on our long history of serving – and advocating for – clients in all agricultural sectors, Michael Best is poised to offer a tailored approach to ensure our clients benefit from strategic guidance and advocacy to navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry.

Our approach is based on our comprehensive understanding of regulatory frameworks and market trends coupled with our years of experience in regulatory compliance and defense and our ability to provide a diverse array of legal support to this growing industry.

With a multitude of experts in various jurisdictions who work in collaborative, interdisciplinary teams, the cannabis industry group at Michael Best helps businesses develop and thrive in the evolving cannabis market, whether they are looking to start, operate, grow, or invest in a cannabis business.

What We Offer

Our team provides strategic guidance and a holistic suite of services to meet our clients’ unique needs throughout the cannabis industry.

From regulatory compliance assistance to market analysis and strategy development, we ensure clients understand and respond, but also provide proactive direction dependent on industry trajectories, compliance issues, and various legal challenges with confidence.

With licensing and permitting support, alongside risk management and legal guidance through our affiliated law firm, we empower clients to thrive in this dynamic landscape.

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