All businesses have to comply with government regulations—some more so than others. Michael Best’s Regulatory practice is designed to serve clients in heavily regulated industries, such as manufacturing and utility services, as well as across various industries in regulated areas that impact business as a whole, such as environmental regulation.

We have deep experience assisting clients with regulatory compliance and defense in each of these areas, combined with the capability to deliver a broad range of legal services. Our lawyers work in collaborative teams to advise clients in virtually all aspects of regulatory compliance, across practice areas including environmental, energy, corporate, intellectual property, labor and employment, M&A, real estate, tax, and more.

Service Areas

Energy Law

Our multidisciplinary Energy team has experience in energy regulation, transactions, and litigation, including leadership positions in state and federal government agencies. We represent clients in all regulatory proceedings before state and federal energy commissions, energy project financing, land acquisition, and sales, as well as energy production, distribution, and trading matters. Our clients include diverse entities in the electricity, natural gas, and renewable energy sectors. We offer creative, workable solutions regarding changing regulatory environments and fluctuating market conditions, and we help clients leverage new advances in energy technologies.


Environmental & Natural Resources

Our Environmental & Natural Resources practice group assists clients in the areas of environmental compliance counseling and advocacy, enforcement defense and litigation, contaminated property development and remediation, climate change and sustainability, and water-related matters. We practice before federal and state agencies, and try cases as needed at both administrative agencies and state and federal courts. Our experience, approach, and connections enable us to help clients find innovative solutions that can transform risk into reward, such as cross-industry emissions agreements or converting waste into energy for sale.


FDA Regulatory

Michael Best’s broad-based FDA Regulatory practice covers the full spectrum of matters related to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other product regulation agencies. Whether a client’s product is food, drugs, medical devices, software, cosmetics, dietary supplements, or lasers, our team has the experience to match. We assist clients throughout the entire product life cycle, starting with premarket services.


Primary Contacts


Primary Contacts

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