Climate Change & Sustainability


Across the globe, governments and industry are changing the way they operate in response to climate concerns and the desire to improve sustainability and reduce environmental footprints. As we all continue seeking ways to minimize humanity’s collective impact on our environment, Michael Best works with our clients to identify and address the many challenges and opportunities encountered along the way.

Our Climate Change & Sustainability group is an interdisciplinary team of lawyers who help clients strive for a sustainable future while promoting responsible commerce. Whether you need assistance with regulatory advice, litigation defense, corporate programs and policies, or contract drafting and negotiations, Michael Best can help. We understand where industry “fits” within the food, water, and energy “nexus” and how to help businesses survive and thrive in an increasingly transparent, global, and consumer-driven economy.


We provide an integrated, strategic approach unique to each client’s situation, in areas such as the following:

  • Carbon markets, emission credits, and emissions-related agreements
  • Green building construction and related retrofits (including LEED certification)
  • Developing and complying with corporate sustainability programs
  • Regulatory compliance and defense
  • Project development and financing (including alternative energy project development and associated tax implications)
  • Greenhouse Gas Protocol (GHG) standards
  • Water conservation and appropriation
  • Energy efficiency initiatives and related projects
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