Class Action, Collective Action & Multidistrict Litigation


Class actions, collective actions, and multidistrict litigation (MDL) can be financially devastating and cause irreparable damage to an organization’s image in the marketplace.

The lawyers in Michael Best’s Class Action, Collective Action, and Multidistrict Litigation practice bring the experience, tenacity, and resources needed to successfully handle these complex cases. Our experience spans a range of legal areas, such as employment, products liability, real estate, and consumer litigation defense, as well as industries including financial services, insurance, manufacturing, restaurant, and retail.


We know how to take cases to trial and win, when trial is necessary. At the same time, we are skilled in all aspects of pre-trial procedure and discovery, where many cases are resolved prior to trial. We recognize that certification is a critical phase of class and collective actions, and we use innovative strategies to defeat certification or achieve decertification whenever possible.

Clients also benefit from our proactive counseling on risk management issues, which can reduce exposure to class action lawsuits. When a lawsuit does take place, we can limit the time and expense of a trial by successful results in arbitrations, mediations, or other forms of alternative dispute resolution.

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