Joshua Figurski Photo

Joshua R. Figurski*

Practice Group Manager
Intellectual Property

*Names that appear with an asterisk indicate a Michael Best professional not admitted to practice law.


Josh manages the financial, operational, and administrative functions of the Intellectual Property practice group. His role supports the firm’s strategic and operational goals.

Josh draws on his years spent in public accounting and corporate strategy to bring experience in project and change management, process improvement, and financial analysis.

He works in collaboration with practice group leadership to set goals and budgets, implement technology solutions, identify staffing needs, and support professional development for attorneys, other practitioners, and staff.

As a comprehensive business partner, Josh has:

  • Partnered with the Practice Group Chair to evaluate attorney performance, set compensation strategy, establish billing rates and budget practice group revenue, manage expenses, and improve client profitability.
  • Partnered with the firm’s accounting department to take both the billing and accounts payable processes paperless.
  • Collaborated with attorneys, firm management, and clients to design, build, and develop client budgets and value-based pricing arrangements to ensure alignment of clients' needs with the firm’s profitability goals.
  • Ensured adequate support across service areas by collaborating with finance, business development, marketing, information technology, and human resources departments.
  • Monitored the professional development of attorneys, engineers, and staff.
  • Coordinated with the Recruiting Manager to fulfill practice group staffing needs.
  • Served on steering committees for implementation of accounting software, docketing software, and Lean Six Sigma efforts
  • Served on the firm’s Diversity Action Committee.




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