May 16, 2024Speaking Engagement

Harnessing AI: Top 9 Legal Compliance and Risk Mitigation Strategies for Employers

Part of the 2024 Wisconsin ACC Annual Conference

From revolutionizing the hiring process to improving performance management, the integration of AI within the labor and employment landscape is dramatically transforming human resources and personnel management. While these cutting-edge tools are helping organizations optimize operations and processes, the adoption of AI brings forth new legal considerations and challenges for employers to navigate.

In this session, attorneys from Michael Best’s nationally recognized Labor & Employment Relations group will cover an array of important AI legal topics for the workplace: mitigating bias in the hiring process, safeguarding employee and company privacy, creating AI policies and employee trainings, and more. Join us for this informative presentation and leave with 9 takeaways to arm you and your team for success as AI continues to affect change in the workplace as we know it.

Speakers: Amy Bruchs, Chuck Palmer, David Miller (Badger Meter)

Thursday, May 16

Time (CT):
3:00 - 3:50 PM

Elkhart Lake, WI

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