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Voter featured in Utah Business's "2023 40 under 40"

Utah Business

Each year, Utah Business celebrates professionals who are changing Utah’s business landscape in big ways—and they’re all under 40 years old. Join us in a round of applause for these accomplished individuals and the ways they’re elevating the future of business throughout the state.

Betsy Voter, 36

Partner | Michael Best

What is your go-to business strategy? Why?

My go-to strategy is to be helpful to people. I think going the extra mile to make someone’s life easier, solve a problem or reduce a burden for someone just because you can makes all the difference in relationships. In the short term, being helpful and focusing on service makes difficult work easier to bear. In the long term, it often pays off with meaningful relationships with business partners and in other unexpected ways.

Who inspires you most? Why?

It’s so hard to pick someone who inspires me the most. I love people, and I am always blown away by the amazing things people are doing in the world. I am continually inspired by the women in my life. There are so many incredible women who embody everything I hope to be as a lawyer, business owner, family member, citizen, neighbor, etc. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention all the men who help support those women as well. In my case, my family—especially my husband and three little boys! 

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