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Michael Best has the knowledge to help you navigate the intersection of business and government, as well as the connections to help you shape public policy. Our Government Relations, Political Law and Public Policy practice group has extensive experience advising businesses, individuals, nonprofits, candidates, political parties, municipalities, quasi-government entities, and trade associations on legal, procurement, legislative and regulatory matters.

Many of our team members have served in senior roles in some of the highest positions in government and private industry, currently represent some of the most influential individuals and entities in politics, and some are currently engaged in outside activities in politics. Our well-rounded experience adds valuable perspective when framing compliant solutions in legal, policy, and political contexts, as well as providing clients with access to influential decision- and policy-makers.


Our Approach

Our collaborative and proactive approach is based on a clear understanding of the challenges confronting your organization — and your short- and long-term objectives. Think of us as members of your team who are committed to helping you develop a coordinated, timely strategy to meet your goals.

Through our strong relationships with media relations specialists, public polling organizations, lobbying firms, grassroots consultants, local counsel, and other outside consultants, we are able to build teams that deliver tactically targeted results. We also excel at creating solutions that address the complex — and sometimes conflicting — requirements of multiple state agencies or overlapping local, state, and federal jurisdictions.


Service Areas

Michael Best’s Government Relations and Public Policy lawyers focus on assisting clients in the following areas:

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Campaign Finance & Political Law

Advising on issues related to political campaign finance regulations, election laws, corporate advocacy and procurement compliance, ethics regulations, lobbying and political advocacy regulations, and tax law.


Regulatory Law

Helping clients shape public policy by providing comprehensive, strategic counsel on all facets of local, state, and federal legislative and regulatory processes. We also represent local governments, schools, and other public and quasi-public entities, serving as special counsel on select issues.


Michael Best Strategies LLC

Our dedicated business consulting, government relations, and public affairs affiliate, Michael Best Strategies LLC, helps clients develop and deploy strategic business plans in conjunction with a full range of services, including lobbying and public relations.



Our services also include:

  • Developing strategic government relations plans targeted to both the state and federal levels
  • Building and coordinating professional teams, including media and other consultants
  • Legislative drafting and analysis services
  • Counsel on reapportionment law
  • Legislative and executive agency monitoring
  • Preparing witnesses for legislative and administrative hearings
  • Preparing political compliance plans
  • Government contract services, including privatization proposals
  • Trade association representation
  • Applying for and securing business development assistance from local, state, and federal governments
  • State and federal lobbying and procurement compliance, corporate political activities, corporate advocacy, campaign finance, election law and government ethics including the following:
    • Corporate political activities, advocacy, media communications and engagement
    • Federal, state, vendor and procurement lobby law compliance   
    • Corporate PAC and political spending oversight, administration and reporting
    • Pay-to-play compliance
  • Federal and state election law including:
    • Campaign compliance and ethics
    • Super PAC and 501(c)(4) advocacy and solicitation compliance
  • Corporate, legislative and executive branch ethics training and compliance
  • Congressional, FEC and IRS investigations and proceedings


  • Represent a state government’s Department of Administration in defending the constitutionality of legislative changes to public sector collective bargaining. We successfully defended six lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the reforms.
  • Prevailed in representing a municipal government client in an environmental dispute regarding recovery of cleanup costs.

Primary Contact

Primary Contact

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