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Edward J. Evans



A partner in the Intellectual Property Practice Group, Ed focuses on the prosecution of U.S. and international patent applications involving mechanical and electro-mechanical subject matter. 

Trained as a mechanical engineer and with experience in industry, he handles applications dealing with varied technologies, including:

  • Internal combustion engines, particularly motorcycle and single-cylinder utility engines
  • Motorcycle oiling, air intake and exhaust systems
  • Automotive fuel injection and cooling systems
  • Power transmission systems
  • Vehicle wheel, suspension, and braking systems
  • Hybrid vehicle systems
  • Automotive interior systems
  • Automotive and industrial bearings
  • Magnetic encoders
  • Commercial refrigeration systems
  • Commercial and residential HVAC equipment
  • Power tools and other consumer products

Ed places special focus on helping clients avoid competitor patents during product development, during which Ed is accustomed to working side by side as an extended team member with his client’s in-house legal counsel and product design engineers. Ed has considerable experience working with clients early in a product development cycle, conducting state of the art or landscape investigations to help identify disruptive patents or patent portfolios within his clients’ market segments. 


Once a proposed design becomes available, Ed is also skilled at performing clearance investigations for his clients, and delivers timely feedback to clients that keeps pace with product development. As a part of this activity, Ed is experienced in preparing both non-infringement and/or invalidity opinions. 

Ed is also experienced with filing and prosecuting both domestic and foreign design patent applications, and regularly counsels clients on how design patent protection may complement utility patent protection in a clients’ portfolio.    

A member of the firm’s Post Grant Review Team, he also has represented clients in multiple inter partes review proceedings at the Patent Trial and Appeal Board.

Ed’s interest in automotive and other vehicle technologies springs from his passion for motor sports. An automotive enthusiast, he participates in sportsman drag racing events at both the local and national levels.





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