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Dawn S. Ternig*

Senior Trademark Paralegal

*Names that appear with an asterisk indicate a Michael Best professional not admitted to practice law.


Dawn has been with Michael Best since 1990. She focuses her considerable experience on United States and international trademark prosecution, maintenance, protection, enforcement, and portfolio maintenance.

In addition, Dawn regularly handles due diligence and chain of title issues and has experience with infringement investigations. She also maintains contacts with a global network of lawyers and professionals in order to facilitate the protection and enforcement of clients’ trademarks and copyrights.


  • When a retail sales client specializing in furniture wanted to determine whether or not to bid in auction on a company in bankruptcy’s assets, Dawn conducted trademark due diligence and United States and international searches to determine what marks were owned by the distressed company. The client bid in the auction and won the assets and Michael Best manages the portfolio.
  • Dawn is responsible for the due diligence and review of large trademark portfolios that are brought in to Michael Best. As part of that review, she conducts quality checks and verifications to ensure the accuracy of information that is added to our docket and seeks to identify and remedy errors in information that has been provided to us. While coordinating the intake of a consumer products company’s portfolio from another firm, Dawn’s review revealed that a significant portion of the portfolio was not properly docketed and that numerous registrations were listed in the names of predecessor entities. Dawn coordinated updating and correcting the portfolio records and facilitated the remediation necessary for the client to ultimately smoothly transition a portion of the trademark portfolio in connection with the sale of a line of well-known brands.

Professional Activities

  • Member, International Trademark Association
  • Notary Public


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