Chris is a Patent Engineer who assists with the drafting and preparation of patent applications directed to mechanical and computer innovations. Chris holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computing and Intelligence, and he has experience 3D printing and other prototyping tools, robotics, programming, software, solar trackers, machining equipment, electronics, and more.

While pursuing his undergraduate degree, Chris gained work experience as a development research assistant with Rheem Manufacturing, designing and refining theoretical designs through experiments. He also served as a student instructor at Georgia Tech’s Invention Studio, and was captain of the Atlanta IEEE robotics team. 

During his study at Georgia Tech Lorraine in France, Chris was research assistant under Dr. Luis Mora, where he focused on crystalline structure and grain formation simulations and analytics. Chris deconstructed the codebases of multiple material scientists and integrated them together holistically to create a program that could analyze an entered setup and then deconstruct its growth.




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