April 2, 2024Client Alert

Update on Bird Flu Outbreak in Dairy Industry

The outbreak of highly pathogenic avian influenza (“HPAI” or “H5N1”) in dairy herds now confirmed in Michigan, Texas, Kansas, and New Mexico, along with the reported confirmed first case of transmission to a person with exposure to dairy cattle in Texas, has dairy producers glued to their devices for the latest advice and updates from veterinarians, state agriculture department animal health experts, USDA and the CDC. Meanwhile, the industry is mobilizing to test animals that present symptoms, limit the movement of and contact with, bovines that exhibit symptoms or test positive for the virus, enhance biosecurity to protect the dairy workforce and reassure consumers on the safety of pasteurization and the dairy food products in your grocery case. This all comes at a time of near historic economic pressures on the dairy industry.

Here is what we know and the latest:

We are closely monitoring this evolving situation for our clients. Contact us to learn more and if you have questions.

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