November 13, 2023Press Release

Michael Best’s Brittani Miller Named President of Wisconsin Association of African American Lawyers

Michael Best pleased to announce that Associate Brittani M. Miller has been named the President of the Wisconsin Association of African American Lawyers (WAAL), where she will serve a one-year term.

WAAL is an association dedicated to ensuring diversification in Wisconsin’s legal community. As the President, Miller will be responsible for carrying out its mission and executing on the group’s goals, including:

  • To promote professional improvement of its members;
  • To become and remain actively involved in and cooperate with creative forces in the community;
  • To advocate needed legal and judicial reform to make justice available to all people;
  • To assist the Black community in eliminating root causes of poverty and powerlessness;
  • To defend against the denial of basic human and legal rights;
  • To use legal tools and discipline for the advancement of education, housing, business, and economic development, health delivery systems and social institutions for Black people.

The group regularly hosts and sponsors continuing legal education seminars, networking events, and provides scholarships to African-American law students attending Marquette University Law School and the University of Wisconsin Law School.

To learn more about WAAL, click here

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