October 4, 2022Newsletter

Russia Update: October 4, 2022


President Joe Biden spoke with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Japan will expel a Russian consul in retaliation for the detention of one of its diplomats in Russia.


Th EU has reportedly reached a compromise on a sanctions package that includes a price cap on oil sales to third countries.


Hungary reached a deal with Gazprom to delay $1.9 billion in gas payments. Sweden says a small leak is still visible from Nord Stream 2.

Aluminum company Alcoa is urging the London Metal Exchange not to accept Russian aluminum.

Ukraine Sitrep

The NYT is reporting that land that the Ukrainian Army is liberating is devoid of people, raising fears that civilians are being executed or taken to camps.

The Pentagon announced its 22nd aid package for Ukraine, including four HIMARS, howitzers, ammunition, vehicles, and other equipment.

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