September 15, 2022Newsletter

Russia Update: September 15, 2022


Russian President Vladimir Putin met with Chinese President Xi Jinping.


The Commerce Department expanded export controls on Russia and Belarus, cracking down on items that could be used for chemical and biological weapons and quantum computing.

The Treasury Department announced sanctions on additional Russian individuals and updated its FAQs to warn that it will use its authorities to hit non-US banks that support sanctions evasion.

The State Department announced sanctions on additional Russian individuals and entities.


The Russian government is reportedly making a 10% across-the-board cut in budgetary expenses.

Germany is in advanced discussions to nationalize three gas companies – Uniper, VNG, and SEFE.

A ship managed by Greece apparently shipped coal from Russia after the EU sanctions hit.

The Pentagon awarded a contract to replenish Javelin anti-tank missiles.

A Russian billionaire sued France after authorities boarded and immobilized his yachts on the French Riviera.

Ukraine Sitrep

Ukraine is reportedly uncovering evidence of crimes against humanity in the wake of their advances in Kharkiv, while the State Department says it is documenting Russia’s strikes on food storage in Ukraine.

Russia warned the U.S. against giving Ukraine longer-range HIMARS rockets.

Germany will deliver 50 MRAPs to Ukraine.

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