August 17, 2022Newsletter

Russia Update: August 17, 2022


USAID announced it would provide $68 million to the UN World Food Program to purchase, move, and store up to 150,000 metric tons of Ukrainian wheat. Russia has had a record wheat harvest, but sanctions are making it difficult to export. 


Exports of dual-use items to Russia have begun to recover despite sanctions.


Germany estimates it has about 2.5 months of gas available should Russia institute a full cutoff.

Ukraine Sitrep

Russia has reportedly pulled aircraft out of Crimea after recent attacks by Ukraine. The U.S. said Ukrainian strikes in Crimea are fair game as it does not consider Crimea as part of Russia.

Ukraine has been striking bridges in supply lines in Kherson, while avoiding a broader assault.

Ukraine batted away Russian claims that it has destroyed some of its U.S.-supplied HIMARS missile systems.

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