August 9, 2022Speaking Engagement

Payment Fraud Risk and Prevention in the Construction Industry

AGC Legal Series for Contractors

We have all heard about the horror stories locally and nationally of large payments being misdirected by cyber criminals. If you are a construction professional or owner/developer -this program is critical to reduce your risk of being a victim.   For those of you who work either in accounting, banking and insurance, it is important that your clients be prepared for cyber claims.

Cyber Impersonators are doubling down on phishing attacks and other business email compromises. This threat is very real in the real estate and construction industries — where thousands of dollars are wired or transferred daily for closing and progress payments to sellers, contractors, and suppliers.  Once the cybercriminal has the funds, can you claw back the money? What role does insurance play in reimbursement and which party benefits? What does the law or your contract say, if anything, about which party bears responsibility and the risk?  We will answer these questions:

  • Prevention techniques to avoid becoming a victim of cybercriminals in the real estate and construction industry.
  • Contractual techniques addressing risk of cybertheft or cyber payment.
  • The role of insurance.
  • A litigation update about how courts are resolving these disputes

August 9, 2022

Time (CT):
11:00 am - 12:00 pm 

AGC of Wisconsin Training Center (4814 E. Broadway, Madison 53716) or online via Zoom. 

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