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Russia Update: June 9, 2022


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The UK will embrace stricter sanctions enforcement, including eliminating a requirement to prove that a company knew or should have known it was in breach of sanctions.


Ukraine’s GDP fell 15.1% in Q1.

KPMG finalized its withdrawal from Russia and Belarus, while Deloitte said it no longer operated in the two countries.

Ukraine Sitrep

Intelligence estimates are that Ukraine is outgunned 20-1 in artillery and 40-1 in ammunition by Russian forces .Ukraine’s military wish list includes more rocket systems, replacement of Soviet-era munitions, armored vehicles, fighter jets, and anti-aircraft and missile defense systems.

Ukraine is reportedly likely to win initial backing for a path to EU membership.

A court in Donetsk sentenced two Brits and a Moroccan to death for fighting alongside Ukrainian forces.

Moldova Sitrep

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