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Russia Update: May 20, 2022


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The Commerce Department added a fifth Russian airline and a second aircraft connected to Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich as having violated U.S. export controls.

Canada announced additional sanctions against 14 individuals and banned luxury goods exports to and imports from Russia.


Russia halted gas supplies to Finland.

Russia rejected calls to halt the Black Sea blockade that’s preventing Ukraine from exporting grain. Indonesia lifted its ban on palm oil exports, which had caused major turmoil in food oil markets.

Former German Chancellor Gerhard Schroder resigned from Rosneft. Finland is probing the ownership of 21 yachts for links to sanctioned Russian owners.

An ex-coal mine owner McDonald’s franchisee bought the company’s entire Russia business.

Ukraine Sitrep

Russia claims it now has full control of Mariupol.

The G7 agreed to $19 billion in short-term financial aid to Ukraine. Germany opposes pooling EU debt to rebuild Ukraine, a model the bloc used for COVID recovery.

Moldova Sitrep

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