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Russia Update: May 5, 2022


Ukraine and Germany resolved their diplomatic tiff from earlier this week, and Germany’s President and Chancellor are now invited to Kyiv. The President of Germany’s Bundestag is also slated to visit Kyiv. President Joe Biden spoke with Germany’s Chancellor, and both agreed not to recognize Russia’s territorial gains in Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reportedly apologized to Israel’s Prime Minister in order to resolve a recent diplomatic tiff due to comments made by Russia’s Foreign Minister alleging Adolf Hitler had Jewish blood.

Sweden says it has U.S. security assurances if it applies for NATO membership. The Pentagon also said it sent cyber experts to Lithuania to help defend against cyber attacks.

First Lady Jill Biden will visit the Ukrainian border during an upcoming trip. Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) said he would not hold up the confirmation of the nominee to be U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine.

AP sat down the Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who said he did not expect the conflict to “drag on.”


The EU may sanction Russian President Vladimir Putin’s mistress.


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Ukraine Sitrep

Ukraine has retaken villages near Kharkiv. Despite denying it is contemplating a mass-scale mobilization, Russia is reportedly seeking “mobilization experts.” Unexplained explosions in Russia continue to pile up.

U.S. military sources told the New York Times that it has been providing intelligence to Ukraine for strikes on Russian generals.

International donors pledged $6.5 billion in humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

Reuters traced Russian units it believes were involved in massacres in Bucha.

Moldova Sitrep

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