April 29, 2022Newsletter

Russia Update: April 29, 2022


China said its relationship with Russia is a “new model” for the world because the two sides do not cause confrontations.


No news of note


The Russian Central Bank cut its interest rate from 17% to 14%. Russia appears to have tapped domestic dollar reserves to avoid default.

Russia offered India a dual-payment plan for oil. The war in Ukraine has been a boon for Qatar as the EU seeks alternate sources of gas.

Ukraine Sitrep

The Pentagon
described Russia’s progress as “incremental,” “slow,” and “fairly plodding,” with a focus on the southeast and southwest of Izyum. Russia has been targeting energy infrastructure and military facilities. An errant missile attack in Kyiv hit a residential area, killing a journalist from American outlet Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. A Western official said Russia is getting smarter with its artillery but is doing so in a way that puts civilians at enormous risk.

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