Why Work With Us?


Our Actionable, Solutions-Oriented Working Method.

We not only help clients design innovative business strategies—we go beyond that to provide actionable deliverables and help clients execute the strategic plan. Most consultants will design an overall plan for their clients, but they will not tell them the step-by-step specifics and stay connected with them through tactical execution. Michael Best Strategies’ Healthcare Innovation Group does both.

We act as an innomediary and provide clients with smart, actionable plans for success.

Innomediary (noun):
One who acts as a catalyst for creativity and drives market innovation by connecting new resources, relationships, and actors.

Diverse Experience in the Healthcare Sector.

Our staff consists of executives with decades of experience in all healthcare market aspects—as payers, providers, and employers. This experience allows us to build an ecosystem of powerful connections and design targeted strategic plans for our clients.

Proprietary, Rigorous Market Alignment Process.

The Healthcare Innovation Group applies a proprietary, meticulous market alignment process to vet innovations. Our process is informed and supported by key influencers in the healthcare industry, who have shared what is important to them in selecting healthcare innovation partners. It includes a rigorous review process, followed by scoring and ranking, to determine whether a start-up is best in class and market-ready.

Strategic and Practical Guidance for Start-ups.

We provide innovator clients with valuable deliverables such as a competitive landscape review, positioning that resonates with payer and provider purchasers, a go forward plan depending on the stage of the innovator, and other proprietary evaluation documents. No matter the process’s outcome, these deliverables offer critical intelligence for our clients.

We give start-ups critical healthcare industry insight and competitive intelligence.

Network of Influential Connections.

We can give clients access to an ecosystem of connections that matter. We provide best-in-class innovators with access to our extensive leadership and decision-making contacts at national and regional payers and health systems (our Network Partners) who are innovation champions within their organizations.

Unique Benefits for Network Partners.

The Healthcare Innovation Group’s vetting market validation and connection process helps our Network Partners lower their acquisition cost, lower their early-stage risk, and gain a faster time to market for innovative healthcare solutions. We also help our Network Partners keep abreast of innovative company/product ideas and establish strategic relationships to generate future opportunities.

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