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The healthcare marketplace continues to be complex, and innovation to improve it is surging at a pace never seen in the past. Innovators are often unprepared for the market and have trouble navigating towards those that can help, and payers and providers find it challenging to evaluate and determine best-in-class, impactful, and innovative solutions in a timely manner.

Our Healthcare Innovation Group believes that best-in-class innovations should have a clear path forward.

Innomediary (noun):
One who acts as a catalyst for creativity and drives market innovation by connecting new resources, relationships, and proven solutions.
We function as an innomediary that revolutionizes the search, vetting, and commercialization process to bring innovation to the healthcare marketplace. For disruptive start-ups and healthcare organizations searching for innovative product solutions, our services accelerate and bring to market those that are best in class. We work to help build connections between innovators and decision-makers in leadership roles at national and regional payers and health systems on the path to innovation.

Does our Program Work?


We provide and guide healthcare innovators to become market-ready, create a business development action plan, and make connections that allow them to generate real-world use cases and revenue more quickly.

Michael Best Strategies has revolutionized & accelerated the innovation search, capitalization and connection process

The Healthcare Innovation Group allows innovators to become market-ready and validated through a disciplined, proprietary process informed and supported by key influencers in the industry. Our process is unique in that it provides innovators with both a fact-based comparison to their competitors, and insights behind the facts that actually matter to payer and provider purchasers. Together, this intelligence allows our clients to become genuinely market ready.

After validating a product or solution as best in class and market-ready, we introduce the innovator to our Network Partners in the payer or provider space, who ultimately make market access available. Our process paves the way for true innovation to quickly reach the market and improve health outcomes, while yielding revenue to support the innovator’s success.

The Innovator Experience

Payers and Providers

For payers and providers looking to bring best-in-class innovation into their product and service offerings efficiently, we work in two different ways:

  • a free, collaborative relationship called our Network Partner Program that gives payers and providers access to an ongoing stream of best-in-class, innovative products and solutions for potential business engagement
  • a paid, innovation sourcing engagement, known as our Innovation Fast Track Program, where we design a custom use case search, market validation, and connection event ultimately lowering acquisition costs and early-stage risk.

Both types of engagement improve the lives of the members and patients they serve while reducing healthcare costs in a timely and effective manner.

Network Partner Program

Being a Network Partner with the Healthcare Innovation Group gives payers and providers access to an ongoing stream of best-in-class, innovative products and solutions for potential business engagement. Being a Network Partner is a collaborative relationship with no fee.

Network Partners (noun): decision-makers in leadership roles at payers and health systems who champion the adoption of innovative solutions.

The Healthcare Innovation Group offers Network Partners the benefits of lower acquisition costs, less early-stage risk, and faster time to market for innovative solutions that can improve health outcomes. Our group acts as a true strategic partner to quickly foster healthcare innovation into the marketplace.

Our Network Partners also receive benefits such as:

  • free access to data showing who is best-in-class and best aligns with their strategic priorities
  • meetings with us several times a year to keep abreast of innovative company and product ideas
  • the potential to establish strategic relationships that help build future ideas and business growth.

The Network Partners Experience

Innovation Fast Track Program

For payers and providers looking to bring best-in-class innovation into their product and service offerings efficiently, we design a custom use case search, market validation process, and connection events.
We offer payers/providers a targeted method to discover and vet disruptive, innovative companies within their competitive peer group market category through our carefully curated use case search. Market readiness and ability to deliver success is evaluated efficiently, and decisions for connection and potential partnerships can be made quickly. The Healthcare Innovation Group’s process fast-tracks our client’s ability to launch innovative and impactful solutions to the healthcare marketplace.

The Innovation Fast Track Program Experience

Why Work With Us?

Our services are focused on searching for, validating, and connecting best-in-class, innovative healthcare products across the industry. We not only engage with clients at the macro level to design a strategy and provide actionable deliverables—we go beyond strategizing to help clients with tactical execution.

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