Defense & National Security Practice


Expert Guidance for Mission-Critical Businesses

In today’s challenging security environment, U.S. leadership—from the White House to Congress to federal agencies—is hyper-focused on national security. From basic operations to emerging technologies and modernization, the U.S. government urgently needs business partners that can effectively solve problems in an innovative, cost-efficient, timely manner.

The Defense & National Security practice at Michael Best Strategies® (Strategies) helps our clients meet this need. With decades of experience in the federal government and national security space, our team has strong networks in the executive and legislative branches. We understand how to help clients navigate the classified and unclassified levels in defense, intelligence, and homeland security.

What We Do

We pride ourselves on partnering with clients who see these challenges and want to take action. Our team serves as trusted advisors, strategists, and connectors for clients dealing with the U.S. government, the Pentagon, and Congress.

We advise on business strategies including government relations, public relations, and government procurement, uniquely enabled by critical legal support from our affiliated law firm, Michael Best®. Together, we bring a comprehensive approach to problem-solving, with core competencies in:

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