Michael Best is a forward-looking law firm with deep industry experience. In today’s competitive marketplace, it is imperative that our values are conveyed clearly and effectively to clients, prospects, recruits, and the business community at large. The guidelines that follow will help us communicate the firm’s messaging. To review a copy of our full branding style guide, download here.

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Basic Logo Use

The logos represent Michael Best’s multi-faceted perspective, depth, and integrated approach. The use of a gradation in color evokes a dynamic and forward-thinking personality. Because of its unique character, never try to recreate a logo. Only use the approved logo digital source files. The logo should be used in its entirety for all firm correspondence and marketing materials. When it isn’t possible to use a logo, always include a text identifier.

Download Artwork

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Two formats are available for download, a PNG (for digital use) and an EPS (for print use).

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