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Jared D. Riedl

Senior Associate


Jared brings both technical training as an electrical engineer and a broad range of experience in prosecuting patents related to the electrical and computer sciences to his practice. Clients benefit from his unique perspective and informed guidance on matters relating to the successful prosecution and defense of their patents.

Jared has significant experience in technologies for:

  • Computer software and hardware, including image processing, signal processing, content delivery systems, fraud protection systems and motion capture systems
  • Network-based systems for magnetic resonance imaging, image transmission, image processing and image storing
  • Controls and control systems related to automotive technologies, security systems, and heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems
  • Transmission control protocol and Internet protocol-based computer systems (TCP/IP) and networks
  • Electrical and electro-magnetic devices, such as motors, power tools, batteries, commercial and industrial lighting, and electrical interlocks and connectors
  • Digital content delivery systems
  • Solid-state electronics
  • Network-based grid management, power distribution and metering systems
  • Battery technologies
  • Digital television receivers
  • Medical devices and systems
  • Home appliances


Jared’s notable representations include obtaining:

  • A utility patent for an invoice processing company
  • A patent for a client innovation in the crowded medical image capture, transmission, processing and storage industry
  • Several patents for a mining equipment manufacturer
  • Several complex technology utility patents in a crowded industry for a software client
  • Several patents, after successful reexaminations, for a battery packs innovator
  • A high-tech utility patent for a theater lighting client in a crowded industry
  • Patents for several test and measurement devices for a client’s new industry unit

Honors & Recognitions

  • Valedictorian of the 2007 Milwaukee School of Engineering Graduating Class

Professional Activities

  • Member, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2004-Present


Bar Admission

Court Admission


Bar Admission

Court Admission

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