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Intellectual Property

University of Utah

The students and faculty at the University of Utah know Michael Best’s higher education lawyers not just by name or reputation, but also by sight.

That’s because our attorneys are regularly on campus, where we hold office hours in the University’s Technology Transfer Office, helping guide the school’s academics through the rigors and demands of the business side of innovation. It’s a vital role in the university’s drive to find new sources of funding by tapping the many groundbreaking inventions produced by its top-tier professors. We don’t see ourselves as mere counselors at Utah, but as partners.

Our team is also heavily involved in the university’s Engine Funding Program, which allows inventors to make funding requests of investors every eight weeks, as inventions advance through the commercialization process. And once again, it’s not just about navigating the legal process. Some of our strongest contributions to the Engine Funding Program come from helping university leaders identify the ideas that have the greatest potential — both in the patent process and in the market.

We’ve helped Utah, and many other higher education clients, understand how to strategically approach the innovation and commercialization process, so they don’t burn precious resources pursuing intellectual property protection for ideas that are unlikely to survive outside campus borders. Michael Best’s attorneys provide solid, pragmatic advice and trusted insight about which innovations should and shouldn’t be pursued.

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