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A new Presidential administration in Washington, D.C. brings changes that ripple across the nation and the world. Michael Best is here to help clients anticipate change and understand the new administration’s priorities.

Our Government Relations, Political Law & Public Policy practice group has the knowledge to help you navigate the intersection of business and government, as well as the connections to help you shape public policy.

Many of our team members have served in senior roles in some of the highest positions in government and private industry, as well as representing influential individuals and entities in politics. Our well-rounded experience adds valuable perspective when framing compliant solutions in legal, policy, and political contexts, as well as providing clients with access to influential decision- and policy-makers.

Our government relations and public policy lawyers work closely with Michael Best Strategies LLC (Strategies), our dedicated business consulting, government relations, and public affairs affiliate. Strategies helps clients achieve business goals by developing—and deploying—strategic business plans in conjunction with a full range of services, including lobbying and public relations.

Below you will find articles and resources to help navigate the new administration. We will continue to keep you informed on the latest updates, and we encourage you to reach out to your Michael Best attorney with questions.

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Michael Best Presidential Actions Tracker

Draft List of Executive Orders President Biden will sign in January

January 20:    Inauguration Day

  • US will rejoin the WHO
  • Rejoin Paris Climate Accord
  • Shoring up and strengthening of DACA
  • Mask mandate for federal agencies and federal properties
  • Rescind Border Emergency
  • HR 1 Ethics
  • Gender Equity
  • Repeal the Muslim Ban
  • Rollback a number of Trump environmental actions on ANWR leasing, CAFE standards, methane emissions, Keystone XL
  • Whole of Government racial equity EO; rescinds the 1776 Commission

January 21:    COVID Pandemic

  • Reopening to schools . . . HHS and Ed collaborating
  • Guidance to state/locals on reopening
  • Strengthening the supply chain
  • Increasing Guard reimbursement
  • Establishing testing board
  • Expediting therapeutics dev
  • Directing agency heads to gather/disseminate key data
  • OSHA issuance on worker safety
  • Directions to relevant agencies to take public health measures in public transit settings
  • Establish COVID task force
  • Global COVID response/global health security

January 22:    Economic Relief

  • Strengthening collective bargaining rights for federal workers
  • USDA, Ed, Labor, HHS could take actions to help working families
  • They will initiate inter-agency process on the 22nd, but are optimistic that they can have some early steps
  • Signal intent to eliminate Schedule F

January 25:    Federal procurement

  • Using Federal procurement power to buy American

January 26:    Supporting equity

  • Voting
  • Improving prison conditions
  • Curtailing use of private prisons
  • Housing
  • Xenophobia against AAPI community

 January 27:    Climate

  • Focus on delivering union jobs and environmental justice
  • Deliver on early commitments that Biden made in the Climate space

January 28:    Health Care

  • Shoring up ACA
  • Rescinding Global Gag rule
  • Begin to revise/rollback Trump Title X rule

January 29:    Immigration

  • Family reunification
  • Undocumented immigrants Migrants

 January  30:   Foreign Policy

  • Re-invest in foreign policy/national security workforce

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Primary Contacts

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