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Our government relations and public policy lawyers work closely with Michael Best Strategies LLC (Strategies), our dedicated business consulting, government relations, and public affairs affiliate. Strategies helps achieve your business goals by developing and deploying carefully considered strategic business plans in conjunction with a full range of services, including lobbying and public relations.

A diverse group of clients turns to us for thoughtful counsel and effective representation in the lawmaking and regulatory process. We deliver results whether by creating strategies to communicate with key- decision and policy-makers or by implementing legislative changes.


Drawing on our deep industry experience and longstanding political ties, we help develop targeted solutions that work.

Together, Michael Best and Strategies offer an experienced team of public servants and lawyers equipped to provide the guidance and services from strategic planning and analysis to lobbying, government and public relations, and political and public policy consultation that generate the favorable outcomes instrumental to your short- and long-term success.

Our strong political ties within both the state and federal political communities, as well as our first-hand experience in these arenas, provide the indispensable insights and big-picture perspective needed to shape public policy and decisions on behalf of our clients. The Strategies team is uniquely positioned to help your business grow and flourish by:

  • Developing opportunities to expand markets and reduce costs by influencing legislation or regulation
  • Improving risk management through proactive monitoring of legislative and administrative initiatives
  • Reducing costs by efficiently obtaining permits and approvals
  • Increasing revenue through participation in government contracts or grants
  • Creating strategies to communicate with key policy- and decision-makers
  • Implementing legislative and regulatory changes

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