Tamara S. Quiram**

Senior Advisor
Michael Best Strategies LLC

*Names that appear with an asterisk indicate a Michael Best professional not admitted to practice law.

*Independent Contractor teaming with Michael Best Strategies.


As a Principal in Michael Best Strategies’ Healthcare Innovation Group, Tami works closely with Network Partners to understand their needs and provide targeted solutions.

Tami fosters collaborative relationships with the payor and provider organizations that comprise the Network Partners group, to learn their short- and long-term priorities for innovative solutions and understand their processes for identifying those needs and solutions.

With this knowledge, Tami advises each Network Partner on potential solutions available, and, when possible, connects them with innovators developing best-in-class healthcare solutions to meet their needs and achieve their objectives. Through this process, Tami provides additional value for each Network Partner by leveraging her extensive payor and clinical experience to recommend ways to optimize the payor/provider’s sourcing model.

Tami brings more than 25 years of experience in the healthcare payor industry to her role. She has a strong background in profit and loss, pricing, product development and lifecycle management, risk management, and overseeing clinical operations. 

Before joining Strategies, Tami most recently served as Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations for Humana, and she previously worked in a number of leadership roles for the company. Tami has also helped lead two successful healthcare start-ups over the course of her career.


Tami has held a number of successive leadership roles at Humana over the past two decades, including:

  • President, Large and Small Group
  • Chief Operating Officer, Large and Small Group
  • Vice President, Small Business
  • Agency Director, Humana One 



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