John Marston Photo

John D. Marston*

Intellectual Property Administrator

*Names that appear with an asterisk indicate a Michael Best professional not admitted to practice law.


John works with the prosecution attorneys at Michael Best to prepare and file patent applications with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). He also corresponds with associates outside the U.S. to handle filing applications with foreign patent offices.

His focus is primarily on large university research entities, as well as mechanical and electrical clients. His responsibilities include:

  • Preparing and filing applications with the USPTO and working with clients to ensure that all official paperwork is signed
  • Filing support documents with the USPTO such as Information Disclosure Statements, office action responses, and formal documents to guarantee the application process is smooth and additional fees are avoided
  • Providing clients with estimates for filing U.S. and foreign applications to help them decide the best path to pursue with their inventions


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