Brian Dutton Photo

Brian K. Dutton

Senior Counsel


Brian prosecutes patents for both United States and international clients. His experience in drafting and successfully prosecuting patent applications is supported by his training as an electrical engineer as well as his experience as a primary examiner for the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).

Brian’s practice combines technical insight, practical experience, and legal knowledge to help clients develop and implement successful patent acquisition and enforcement strategies. He has substantial experience in the areas of semiconductor devices, processes and fabrication equipment, electronic circuit design, and software development.


Prior to joining the firm, Brian worked at a Washington, D.C.-based boutique intellectual property firm. He also designed electronic hardware for mainframe computers, developed software, and worked as a systems engineer for management and technology consulting firms. 


Recent work includes:

  • Drafting and successfully prosecuting patent applications
  • Preparing legal opinions for client-related matters
  • Preparing and filing petitions with the USPTO
  • Preparing appellant’s briefs
  • Appearing before the USPTO Patent Trial and Appeal Board to successfully argue the patentability of numerous patent applications
  • Examining patents related to semiconductors and other apparatuses and methods as a USPTO primary examiner
  • Reviewing petitions and drafting decisions on petitions filed with the USPTO 





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