Brent Brunner Photo

Brent G. Brunner*

Patent Engineer

*Names that appear with an asterisk indicate a Michael Best professional not admitted to practice law.


Brent is a Patent Engineer in Michael Best’s Intellectual Property practice group. He assists the firm’s attorneys in the drafting and preparation of patent applications directed to mechanical technologies.

Brent has built valuable experience through a number of roles, including participation in Michael Best’s EDGE patent engineering internship program. He also completed an engineering internship with U.S. Venture, a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of petroleum and renewable energy products, lubricants, tires, and parts for the automotive industry.

During his senior year at Marquette University, Brent collaborated with a team of engineers to produce a low-cost water solution for a village in India. The final design included a ceramic pot in which water could pass through but particulates, such as E. Coli and coliform, would be caught in the porous filter. This design was subject to rigorous testing to meet the drinking water standards of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Since passing all standards, the design has been brought to India for implementation in rural villages.




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