October 13, 2017In the News

Cub fever is back — will bosses be as forgiving this year?

The Chicago Tribune

But company leaders need to tread carefully and make sure that all the slack they’re cutting is consistent, said Brian Paul, a labor and employment partner in law firm Michael Best’s Chicago office.

“Why is leaving for the Cubs game more important than leaving for your son’s birthday?” Paul said. “That consistency question is going to start plaguing people when it’s not a once-in-a-hundred-year thing and it’s back-to-back years.”

Employers will need to adjust expectations for everyone in the office, he said. If there’s a late game on the West Coast that will keep employees up past their bedtimes, the boss could tell everyone to come in later.

Last year’s World Series win was historic for everyone, including bosses, Paul said. This year, they’ll likely be much more prepared for how to address the fever pitch mounting in the office.

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