December 9, 2015Speaking Engagement

Legal Ramifications of Open Source Software in Your Project

Startup Law Austin

Most technology startups utilize open source software and/or standards in one way or another. Many successful business models depend on open source, and proper involvement in the open source community by any organization can be an excellent source of goodwill among talented developers. However, mishandling open source issues can just as easily sink an otherwise promising venture.

Brian Mangum will discuss open source best practices and risks and answer questions from the group. The talk will include explanations of important terms of open source licenses, comparisons of important features of the most popular open source licenses, and examples of well-known commercial software that incorporates open source. Brian will also discuss best practices for managing open source code audits, the importance of education and training of developers and other technical staff, and legal and business ramifications of offering commercial products that incorporate open source code.

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