April 23, 2015Speaking Engagement

The Role of Litigation – A Big Picture Perspective Beyond Your Personal Role

2015 AEM Product Liability Seminar

AEM’s one-day Product Liability Seminar concludes the 3½ day product safety seminar event. Presentations by a team of experienced attorneys collaborate to prepare our industry for the challenges of litigation. 

With the input of the AEM Lawyer’s Council and considering suggested topics from past attendees, sessions for the 2015 program have been prepared. 

Experienced trial attorneys who have defended products cases will present in six one-hour sessions:

  • The Role of Litigation – A Big-picture Perspective, Beyond your Personal Role
  • How do Plaintiff Lawyers Think? Six things you should know
  • In-field Incident Investigations – Counsel’s Perspective
  • Implications of Improper Product Use Videos - Online and Social Media in Litigation
  • Products Liability Trends Outside the US and Canada
  • “Tough Questions” session, posed to a Panel of Seminar Attorneys
  • Internal versus external expert testimony
  • Foreseeable product abuse
  • Topics from the audience


Plan to participate in this focused industry seminar of learning and discovery. Improve your firm’s preparation for and response to legal challenges, and more effectively support your corporate in-house counsel or representative outside counsel.

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St. Louis, MO

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