April 28, 2016Webinar

Understanding Your IT System: Strategies for Reducing Trade Secret Risk

2016 Intellectual Property Webinar Series

Businesses store data in various ways and places, which can often present substantial risk related to intellectual property and trade secrets for incoming and departing employees. While it is important to investigate risks in a timely manner, businesses can often prevent risk, or make legal action substantially less expensive and more effective, if they understand the ways in which their own systems save information and how those systems can be adjusted to meet trade secret and intellectual property protection and litigation needs. In this webinar, Attorney Eric H. Rumbaugh will discuss practical basics for non-IT professionals and will help professionals interface with their IT staff to make effective, cost-efficient decisions which protect the company's intellectual property assets and trade secrets, while at the same time avoiding cost and impairment of IT systems.

We will apply for CLE credit in WI, IL, TX, UT and VA (if applicable).

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