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May 11, 2016Speaking Engagement

Session IV - Workshop J: Navigating the Legal Landscape of Contingent Work

28th Annual Labor & Employment Relations Law Seminar

An increasing number of businesses are expanding beyond the traditional full time workforce to a range of temporary workers, contractors, consultants and more, as outlined from a business perspective by Keynote Speaker Barry Asin. While these alternative working arrangements can prove incredibly competitive and beneficial, they can also create numerous pitfalls for employers with respect to compliance with tax, unemployment benefits, worker’s compensation and wage and hour laws, to name a few. Attorneys Lisa R. Petersen, Sarah E. Flotte and Benjamin T. Johnson will help employers navigate the various categories of workers, including worker classification and avoiding entanglements with the Internal Revenue Service, Department of Labor or other federal and state enforcement agencies.

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Wisconsin Center 
400 West Wisconsin Avenue 
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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