May 11, 2016Speaking Engagement

Session I - Workshop B: Nothing Good, A Lot of Bad and Mostly Ugly: What’s Left of Negotiations under the NLRB

28th Annual Labor & Employment Relations Law Seminar

In this workshop, attorneys Robert W. Mulcahy, Thomas W. Scrivner, Denise Greathouse, Miquel A. Manriquez and Christine E. Bestor Townsend will discuss such timely topics as:

  • Mock bargaining session involving health care, ability to pay, market pay, right to work and impasse issues
  • Relevant National Labor Relations Board (NRLB) legal developments:
    • Impasse
    • Final offer implementation
    • Mandatory bargaining subjects
    • Union access to company financial information
    • Checkoff revocation
    • Paying above contract scale
  • Labor contract settlements in Wisconsin, the Midwest and nationally
  • Results of the NLRB's new election rules

Click here to learn more about Michael Best's 28th Annual Labor & Employment Relations Law Seminar.

Wisconsin Center 
400 West Wisconsin Avenue 
Milwaukee, WI 53202

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