February 11, 2015Speaking Engagement

Condominium Project Planning

Transactional Breakfast Briefing Series

Join three of the top condominium attorneys in our state as we conduct an open planning meeting for a sample condominium project. The meeting will simulate a proposed condominium project from the ground up. Discussion will include all project fundamentals such as: designation of expansion areas, designation of units that are wholly owned and used, selection and description of limited common elements, and description of common elements, owned, used and paid for by all unit owners. In addition, we will address the give-and-take in the planning process to satisfy the potential concerns of both lenders and title companies. This is a "can’t miss" opportunity to understand the considerations evaluated in the project planning process, and to help you plan your next project.

Michael Best Waukesha Office 
Board Room
Two Riverwood Place
N19 W24133 Riverwood Drive, 
Suite 200
Waukesha, WI 53188-1174

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